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Weekly Favs | Top 10 | Week Ending 12/04/2014

Better late than never!! :) Here is the AMAZING top 10 and top honor selection from Allison Gipson Photography!! Congrats to all, she chose some REALLY great images!! 

~*Top Honor*~

Congrats to April Kraus Photography on making top honor image for this week!! Love this! Great work!

~*Top 10*~
(in no particular order)

Copyright: Emily Ingalls

Feature Photographer: Allison Gipson Photography

So glad to finally be able to catch up! Check out these absolutely beautiful images and learn more about December's guest judge Allison Gipson Photography!

Tell us a little about yourself (family, hobbies, etc.)

My family and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii! I am an Army spouse and mom to a four year little boy. (He is definitely my muse.) When I am not taking pictures, I am running…lots. I am currently training for the Honolulu Marathon this December.

What got you started in taking lifestyle images (or photography in general)?

Lifestyle photography was definitely my calling. I worked as a photojournalist for a number of years and fell in love with photography during my time at the newspaper I worked for. It actually took me a few months to figure out that a journalistic approach to my business is what I should be doing. It has been a really exciting and fun journey, with lots of twists and turns. I LOVE the everyday and am so happy to have found my happy place in the photography world.

Any photographers that you look up to?

There are SO many photographers that I look up to. I admire Kerry Varnum Photography's work as well as Melissa Gibson Photography. I love their take on the everyday. I am also in love with Elise Meader Photography,  The Blissful Maven and Jamie Faulkner Photography. 

What is in your camera bag?

 I am a Nikon girl and have been since my days at the paper. Right now, I have a D7100 and am holding out to upgrade. I mostly shoot with my 35 mm and love my 24-70mm, too. My 50mm has been neglected lately. 

If you could capture anybody in the world, anywhere, who and where?

 I was just thinking about this the other day…I would love, love, love to have the opportunity to photograph my grandparents just how they are, right now. I would fly home in a heartbeat, just to spend time with them. Being a  military family and moving around so much, we rely on photographs of our family members so much. I think it would be a spectacular keepsake for my son to have a bunch of photographs of his great-grandparents.

So beautiful! To check out more of her work, please visit her Facebook page here or her webpage

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DOUBLE FEATURE! - Top Honor & Top 10 - Weeks Ending 11/13/2014

I want to thank everyone for being so patient as busy season has caused me to get a little behind! The positive is this double feature with a LOAD of amazing images! The first top 10 included were chosen by our stunning guest judge, Michelle Cordner Photography! We want to thank her for being our guest judge for week ending 10/30/2014! She even left nice comments about each image that she chose (they are below each image!). If you haven't already, check out her page and show her some love. The second top 10 was chosen by me. :) The blogs are now caught up, thank you again everyone! Now for some eye candy! 

~*Top Honor*~
Congrats to Melina Nastazia Photography on being chosen by our guest judge for the top honor image! This image is absolutely STUNNING! I want to hang it up in my kitchen hehe! 
Message from our guest judge, " This image is stunning by Melina Natazia Photography. I am a big fan of her work."

~*Top 10*~
(in no particular order)

"Love this! Lego is a regular feature in my house!"

"this sums up beautiful chaos perfectly I think!"

"Ohhh, that beautiful light. Love it"

"I can so relate to this! Love it."

"Really like the simplicity of this image and the story it tells."

"brilliant capture!"

"Love the simplicity in this beautiful image"

"Love the fun feel of this image"

"love this warm window light and the natural feel of this image."

"love the light in this image"

~*Top Honor*~

Congrats to Charming Hearts Photography for being chosen as top honor image!! This is one of the most adorable shopping images I have ever seen! Wonderful capture!

~*Top 10*~
(in no particular order)